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We recommend the Bags Unlimited "Three B's" Rule
when considering your best storage/display method:

Polyethylene bags are an excellent storage material for any kind of paper products.  When you store paper products in poly sleeves you keep them free from dust, dirt, finger oils and other airborne pollutants; all of which cause paper breakdown. Our polyethylene bags are made from high-clarity, recyclable 100% pure virgin polyethylene material. It is used worldwide in museums, archival institutions, and libraries as one of the preferred storage and display materials. Our polyethylene material is stable, inert, does not leach, and has microscopic breathing pores, which do not allow moisture to be trapped inside the bag. Aside from its structural superiority, it is also less expensive than most other plastic storage and display materials. Our bags are properly sized, packed in user-friendly outer packs and cost just a few pennies per bag. We also offer a large selection of Mylar® sleeves. Mylar is extremely clear, inert, 100% acid-free and considered to be the most archival of all protective sleeves.

Prevent corners and edges from wrinkling and bending by placing one of Bags Unlimited's backing boards behind or in the center of your collectible. Remember, the quality and permanence of the board will ultimately effect the condition of the paper in contact with it. Choose from one of our (3) three grades: cconomy, intermediate, and superior. For larger items such as posters and prints, we also offer a 1/8" thick, white on both sides, 200 lb. test corrugated backing.

Choose our storage boxes to protect and catalog your collectibles. Bags Unlimited boxes are the standard of the industry. Our uniquely designed boxes have the following features:

  • Custom fit to match the dimensions of the stored product.
  • Fold together without tape or glue.
  • Double thick handle edges for extra strength.
  • Stackable.
We also have a line of PLASTIC CORRUGATED storage boxes.  These superior boxes are made from 2.5 mm polypropylene plastic corrugated material.  This super strong material is acid free, U.V. resistant, waterproof, antistatic, insect- & vermin-resistant.

Add, as a compliment to your storage boxes, Bags Unlimited storage divider cards. Designed to store upright in our boxes with the lid on. Great for separating or categorizing your stored goods! Also use our "Fold 'n' Hold" box spacers to keep your comics, magazines, and LPs upright in bins and boxes.

Other Products:

When mailing your valuable collectibles, your shipping container is of the utmost importance. Just as our boxes are custom fit to match the dimensions of the stored product, so too are our mailers custom fit to the dimensions of the products that are being shipped. Bags Unlimited corrugated mailers have been properly sized and custom designed to protect so that your products arrive in the same condition you shipped them in. We also have available, corrugated pads, which act as cushioning protection when mailing.

In addition to our custom designed mailers, we have added a line of stock shipping & storage boxes. We have over 70 shippers to accommodate the various shapes and sizes you may require. These boxes are made from 200# test brown corrugated material.

As a compliment to our mailers and shipping boxes we have bubble wrap, foam cushioning, packing peanuts, carton sealing tapes, packing list envelopes, and mailing labels that you can custom design with your logo or company name.

How to display, promote or present your collectibles is of constant concern to collectors. We have worked to make it fun to keep your collections organized and ready to display, while, at the same time, safe from dust, dirt, fingerprints, and bent corners. From stick-on display pockets to clear acrylic wall frames, we have a display method that will work for you.