HDPE NOSTATIC® Sound Sleeves

SHDPE 12'' Record Sleevestatic causes dust and dirt to cling to vinyl records. The dust and dirt are forced into the grooves of the record by the turntable needle as it rotates. This will decrease the sound quality of the record. One of the easiest ways to keep static at bay is to use anti-static inner record sleeves. Bags Unlimited has been carrying anti-static inner record sleeves since 2004. 
Our first NOSTATIC® sleeve was our S12W-RP. Similar to the MoFi sleeve made by Mobil Fidelity,  12'' Inner Record Sleeveour jacket comes with four layers of material. There are three layers of HDPE and one layer of acid-free paper sandwiched between two layers of HDPE. The HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) resists static build-up and protects the record from abrasion. The acid-free paper neutralizes static build up and absorbs moisture. These sleeves are generally thought of as audiophile sleeves.We also have a less expensive version of this sleeve without the acid-free paper.Also, we have a 12” round bottom HDPE NOSTATIC® sleeve that makes slipping a record into a jacket a breeze.

Recently we added two 10” HDPE record sleeves. One is a four-layer NOSTATIC® sleeve that has the same configuration as our S12W-RP above and also the less expensive version that has no paper layer. https://www.bagsunlimited.com/category/87/78-rpm-10-record-poly-sleeves