List of Our Brands


Sound Sleeves

Sound Sleeves are Bags Unlimited's brand of inner and outer Record Sleeves. They were the first line of branded products we created. The original record sleeve sizes were three mil polyethylene, 12-5/8 x 12-5/8” (snug fit) and 12-3/4 x 12-3/4”. To this day these sizes are our most popular... Read More


Static causes dust and dirt to cling to vinyl records. The dust and dirt are forced into the grooves of the record by the turntable needle as it rotates. This will decrease the sound quality of the record. One of the easiest ways to keep static at bay is to use anti-static inner record sleeves... Read More

 Archival Armor®

We created the Archival Armor® trademark when we began making our 4 mil Polyester (Mylar) Comic Sleeves in-house. Having a machine built for that specific task changed our position from a re-seller to a manufacturer... Read More

Ultra Boxx®

There could not be a better name for these extraordinary plastic corrugated storage boxes – branded The Ultra Boxx®. They are acid-free, lignin-free and water resistant.  We decided to look for a more durable material for storage boxes in addition to corrugated cardboard...  Read More


Paper collectibles such as newspapers, trading cards and comics are susceptible to deterioration from acids withing the paper as well as acids and other pollutants in the atmosphere. If you have valuable or collectible paper products and want to store them in an archival container...  Read More

 Sports Boards™

Collectors - Display your favorite trading cards in our specially designed Sports Boards™ Frame Kits. Choose from three styles: 1) Court & Field Frame Kits. 2) Baseball Pinstripe Frame Kits. 3) Trading Card Double Mat Frame Kits... Read More


Slipnotch® is an Archival Mounting System for trading card placement in our trading card frames. All of our trading card frame kits now come with an archival 4 mil Polyester (Mylar) sheet with die-cut slits to hold the trading cards in place... Read More


We created our SafeSpace® kits to keep your comic, vinyl record, and magazine collections in an environment comparable to collections that are in stored climate controlled rooms. These kits also protect your collectibles from standing water should a flood occur... Read More


Our InvisiBoard® brand of crystal clear Comic Backing Boards is a “first” in comic cover art viewing. 

When a person uses our InvisiBoard, they can view the back cover of a comic book without removing the comic from the protective sleeve... 

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Basic Bags & Boards

 We created Basic Bags & Boards first and foremost for Comic Book Dealers. They need only to protect their comics until they are sold, but they need their supplies to be decent quality at discounted prices... Read More

BOXPRO® Box Protectors

BOXPRO® Box Protectors are archival PET (Polyester) soft-fold boxes created for the protection of early video games, VHS tapes and other collectible items that originally came in paperboard boxes. They are made from semi-rigid, 12 mil, crystal-clear plastic... Read More


 All the products introduced below control static on vinyl records in some manner. Neutralizing static and removing dust and debris are the most significant part of record cleaning. Using static control products will vastly increase your listening pleasure as well as cause less wear... Read More