Our InvisiBoard® brand of crystal clear Backing Boards is a “first” in comic & magazine cover art viewing. When a person uses our InvisiBoard, they can view the back cover of a comic book or magazine without removing it from the protective sleeve.

Crystal Clear BACKING Boards for Regular ComicsSo much comic & periodical artwork is never seen because people that properly care for their comics  & magazines use backing boards
 to keep them in good condition. Using backing boards with bound printed matter keeps the corners from crimping, the spines from crushing and gives the comic or magazine extra  rigidity to keep it flat in storage. The InvisiBoard is made from super-clear PETG plastic. Alas, any advertising, artwork, or promotional deals are covered up when using a standard backing board. Our Crystal Clear  Invisiboard backings change all that. These backings are made from PETG. PETG is in the ‘Mylar’ polyester family of plastics which is archival and acid-free. Crystal Clear BACKING Boards for New ComicsNote: To keep these backings from scuffing or scratching before use, they come with protective peel sheets on both sides. Remove peel sheets before placing in your poly sleeve with your comic.

We make the backings to fit New Comics, Regular Comics as well as Dell-Silver Age and Golden Age Comics. Recently we have added InvisiBoard backings for standard Magazine sizes, National Geographic magazines and Life sized magazines. The backings are .030” thick, semi-rigid, impact resistant and fully recyclable (but why would you want to?) and of course CRYSTAL CLEAR.

If you have any comics or magazines with artwork on the back, reward yourself by using our super InvisiBoards. It will add another level to enjoying your comics & periodicals!