78 rpm Record CleanersIf you have an extensive record collection, own a record store or are in charge of a record collection belonging to a museum or library - a vacuum record cleaning system such as one of the VPI Record Cleaning Machines is an excellent investment. Use of these machines guarantees imbedded dirt removal, which equates to less record de-generation and better sound!

Audio records need regular cleaning if they are being played. They should never be played or stored if they are dirty. Bags Unlimited has successfully developed record cleaning solutions for both 78rpm and vinyl records.

1. 78 Record Cleaning: 78rpm records made from acetate, laminates or shellac require a special cleaning solution that does not contain alcohol as alcohol can destroy these materials. (An alcohol cleaning solution can be used on Edison Diamond Discs however.) Our "Groovy" Cleaning refill solution AGC478, AGC878 and AGC3278 contains no alcohol and was formulated for its deep cleaning, anti-static and residue free properties. Our 78 Record Cleaning Kit AGCK78 comes with a 2oz bottle of no alcohol cleaning fluid, a micro bristled record cleaning brush and a lint free chamois clothe. To properly clean a 78 Record, ***spray the record lightly (being careful to avoid the label) with "Groovy" cleaner; take the bristled brush and in the direction of the grooves, work the solution over the record and into the grooves. Start cleaning at the center and move towards the rim of the record. Next, take the lint free cloth and in the direction of the grooves, wipe the surface dry. Repeat if necessary. ALWAYS ALLOW YOUR RECORDS TO AIR DRY, AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN CLEANED-BEFORE PLAYING OR BEFORE STORING*** 78rpm records are usually layered materials with brittle surfaces that easily crack and allow water into the inside materials-therefore direct contact and submersion in water should be avoided. Water that seeps into the record can leave it susceptible to fungus attack as well as warping

2. 33-1/3 LP and 45rpm Vinyl Record Cleaning: Use the same steps for cleaning vinyl records as show above for cleaning 78 records (between the ***), but using our Vinyl Record Cleaning Kit AGCK2 which comes with a 2oz bottle of "Groovy" cleaner (contains alcohol), a micro-bristled cleaning brush and a lint-free chamois drying cloth. Our "Groovy" refill cleaner for vinyl records: Prod. Codes AGC2AGC4, AGC8, & AGC32- contains alcohol, which removes grease and oils from the playing surface. Its formula was also developed for its deep cleaning, anti-static and residue free properties.

3. To clean and lubricate either 78rpm or vinyl records use our record cleaning cloth, product code ASA2. It is lint free and contains an anti-static solution as well a special formulated lubricant to keep needle friction from wearing out the record grooves. It also works as a lubricant on 78rpm acetate and shellac record surfaces.