Ultra Boxx® Plastic Corrugated Storage Boxes 

We are always searching for better designs, materials, and prices for our collection protection supplies. We decided to look for a more durable material for storage boxes in addition to popular corrugated cardboard line of storage boxes. Cardboard boxes work well, and are a cost-effective solution for many collectors, BUT, there is something better... PLASTIC CORRUGATED!

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X45225CP -  Plastic Corrugated 45 RPM Record Storage Box

Ultra Boxx® are acid-free, lignin-free and water resistant!

We wanted to offer higher quality storage boxes in addition to those made from corrugated cardboard. We wanted to retain all the positive qualities of the boxes we currently carried, but we wanted the material itself to be more substantial, offer a box with a step-above level of protection, and something that looked less utilitarian than corrugated cardboard. The answer ended up being Polypropylene Corrugated Plastic.

Plastic corrugated had properties even beyond our expectations. It also had many challenges that had to be overcome. We knew nothing about folding, die-cutting or gluing this new material. It was also next to impossible to find a company that was interested in what was considered by the sheeting plants to be an " insignificant quantity of material." What spurred us on was the fact that is was acid-free, had anti-static properties (perfect for vinyl records), is vermin resistant, and the best characteristic of all, water-resistant.

The time it took from concept to actual production was fraught with multitudes of set-backs, but in 2004 we launched our Ultra-Boxx® line of plastic corrugated boxes. We currently have twenty-two boxes manufactured from this superior material. Demand is high for these incredible storage units, and we are ever on the hunt for the next material that will provide revolution storage of paper collectibles. Find our Ultra Boxx® storage boxes here.