The SheLPf - LP Record Storage System

Proper record storage and display are essential to record collectors. We designed the SheLPf - LP Record Storage/ Display System so you can start with just one record cube that holds up to 80 records and gradually build up to 9 cubes that hold 700 LPs. This system offers strength when stacking, easy access to and viewing of your LP jackets, at a very reasonable cost. These sturdy, easy-to-assemble record cubes are made from .70" thick MDF (medium density fiberboard) with a textured Melamine finish. Inside dimensions are 12-2/8 x 13-3/4 x 13”. Cubes come in black or white.

A unique characteristic of this system (besides the fact that it is expandable as needed) is that we designed it with a dowel connecting system. Each cube has dowel holes in four corners on both the bottom and the top. Use supplied dowels to keep the cubes aligned and attached to one another. The cubes come with plastic caps for covering dowel holes on the top record cube to give it a finished look.

Cubes safely stack three high! There are many combinations of ways to stack your SheLPfs. Here’s a short video with a few suggestions for starting your storage system.  

Another unique design feature: You can optionally add a Top Shelf to give your cubes a furniture quality look. The shelf also attaches to the cubes with a dowel system, giving you a sturdy place to hold your turntable, speakers and the records you are planning on listening to.