Sports Boards®™ Trading Card Frames

COLLECTORS - Display your favorite trading cards in our specially designed Sports Boards™ Frame Kits. 

All three kits allow front and back viewing of the framed trading cards. 

Choose from three styles:

• Court & Field Frame Kits
• Baseball Pinstripe Frame Kits
• Trading Card Double Mat Frame Kits

Watching sports is a national pastime along with collecting memorabilia from the event and the teams involved. We have plenty of standard collection protection supplies for protecting everything sports related including figures and trading cards. We wanted to offer something unique to  sports fans, something that no one else carried. Many of the sports collection protection supplies are made in China and sold to two or three distributors who license them under their own names. Supplies manufactured in the United States, are understandably branded with those companies logos. It is challenging to stand out in the world of sports collection supplies.

We reviewed our manufacturing capabilities, the materials we stock and asked our designers to put their heads together and envision a winner. Our line of Sports Boards was their answer.

Sports Boards® TRADING CARD FRAME KITS not only display the front and back of your favorite trading cards, but also keep them safe from harmful dust, dirt, fingerprints, and UV rays.

Each kit includes: the assembled wood frame, made from 3/4 or 1-1/4" wide pressed wood with black mica finish or painted pressed wood; UV-blocking Plexiglas to keep your cards from fading, acid-free poly sleeves to protect your cards. The matboard is pH neutral and buffered with calcium carbonate. All frames are made with gallery-quality materials and will keep your cards safely stored and proudly displayed. Each frame comes with mounting hardware.

**NEW** To make card mounting easier the frame kits now come with the Slipnotch® Acid-free Mounting System. Each frame comes with an archival 4 mil polyester (Mylar) sheet with die-cut slits to hold the cards in place. Note: Trading cards do not come with these frames.

Field & Court Sports Board®

HOCKEY Sports Boards. Five Die-Cut Windows. 18 x 22" Frame.BASEBALL Sports Boards Eleven Windows. 22 x 28" Frame. Screen-printed mat.SOCCER Sports Boards. Eleven Die-Cut Windows. 18 x 22" Frame. Screen-printed mat.BASKETBALL Sports Boards Five Die-Cut Windows. 15-1/4 x 22-1/2" Frame. Screen-printed mat.FOOTBALL Sports Boards Eleven Die-Cut Windows. 17-3/4 x 27" Frame. Screen-printed mat.
Our 1st design idea was to create silk-screened fields or courts of the most popular sports and die-cut trading card windows for the current starting lineup or all-stars of the past. Don’t forget – you can turn this board around and see the back side of the cards.

The Pinstripe Sports Board®

Our 2nd design idea was unique to baseball. We picked the colors of the major baseball teams uniform stripes - black, red, navy blue or royal blue pinstripes. We offered the frames in black, red or blue. Choose the pinstripe color and the frame color that matches your team. We have a variety of options for the type of image you want to display. Choose from displaying 4, 6 or 9 trading cards. We also have available an 8 x10” frame for a 5 x 7” photo, a 14 x 11” frame for an 8 x 10” photo for either vertical and horizontal orientation.

Trading Card Sports Boards®

The 3rd Design idea was to make it possible to not only view the front and back of the cards in the frame, but to choose your teams colors for the mat board.