Slipnotch® Trading Card Mounting System

Slipnotch® is an Archival Mounting System for trading card placement in our trading card frames. All of our trading card frame kits now come with an archival 4 mil Polyester (Mylar) sheet with die-cut slits to hold the trading cards in place. You no longer need to guess if you've centered your cards properly in the matboard die-cut windows or tape them in place. Not to mention that Polyester is the “go to” material for archival storage and display. The Library of Congress approves polyester material for safe indefinite storage.

The Slipnotch® slits are cut precisely and in the correct spot for each card in each different trading card kit. The kits also come with the correct number of acid-free polypropylene sleeves to place your cards in before placing them in the Slipnotch® Acid-free Mounting System. The flawlessly aligned cards are now archivally mounted, and you never have to worry about them slipping in the frame and looking less than perfect. Note: Trading cards do not come with these frames.