SafeSpace® Bag Storage Kits

We created our SafeSpace® kits to keep your comic, vinyl record, and magazine collections in an environment comparable to collections that are stored in climate controlled rooms. These kits also protect your collectibles from standing water should a flood occur. It has been proven that items stored in a moisture controlled atmosphere in vacuum packaging, will significantly extend the life of the items stored in them. Controlling the moisture (relative humidity) is the most crucial part of the equation. The second part is that removing oxygen may prevent reactive and dangerous chemical compounds from forming and causing harm to the contents. The removal of or regulating of the components of air, excessive water and oxygen are the concepts that we used when developing our SafeSpace® Bag Kits.

Our SafeSpace® Bag Kit is a revolutionary new system that creates a safe microclimate for your collectibles. Storing your Comic, Magazine or Record Collection using this system will help resist Humidity, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, and Off-Gassing, Mold, Mildew, other Biologicals, and UV Light.

For those of you that want to keep your collections in the safest storage system possible but don’t have climate controlled rooms, using this methodology is the next best thing.

The SafeSpace® Bags have a sliding zipper closer and a  de-oxidization valve. The bags themselves are a co-polymer bag made of nylon and polyethylene. The nylon makes the bag stronger as well as more water resistant. If flooding does occur, as long as the valve decompression valve is not reached by the water, your collectibles we remain safe – even in standing water!

Here is a list of reasons why it is essential to control moisture in the atmosphere where you store your collectibles:

Paper RH is the relative humidity level in the air in which paper does not give off or absorb moisture, and this is the atmosphere you want to maintain in the SafeSpace  bag. You want the RH in your SafeSpace Bag (or anywhere you store paper) to be between the 30% to the 50% range. The desiccants included with the kit absorb excessive moisture. The humidity strips (also in the kit) indicate when the humidity has gone too high or low and when this happens, the desiccants need to be added or subtracted. Monitor the moisture indicator card periodically to keep track of the atmosphere inside the bag. Monitoring the moisture also keeps hydrolysis and oxidation from occurring (chemical reactions within the paper). The atmosphere in the bag also controls Off-Gassing. When the relative humidity is not controlled, potentially, chemical reactions will occur in the form of Off-Gassing which will create new compounds often in the form of acids. Controlling the humidity in the atmosphere of your kit also keeps mold and mildew from forming. Excessive moisture is the main culprit in mold growth.

After moisture control, creating an oxygen-free atmosphere is the next essential part of properly utilizing the SafeSpace Kit. The co-polymer bag has a zipper pull closure and a valve hose nozzle., The zipper pull allows easy access to the contents whenever needed to change the desiccants and oxygen scavengers. But you must verify that the zipper is 100% sealed before removing the oxygen from the bag with the vacuum. Next, with a vacuum nozzle remove all air from the bag (without crushing the box). The oxygen scavengers that come with the kit should be kept with the desiccants and taped to the outside of the box (see the instructions). The scavengers will bring the oxygen level down to zero inside the bag. Next, replace the valve cap on the bag. It may take a bit of trial and error at first to obtain the proper combination of oxygen removal and zipper closure. Note: We recently added a removable tape as a reinforcing seal for the zipper.

Place the SafeSpace bag in a cool area that you feel comfortable living in and monitor the humidity card. Tape the flaps of the bag to the sides for easier handling. Find our SafeSpace® Bag Kits here.