POLY-Chrome™ Record Jacket Sleeves

Organizing a record collection and keeping it organized can be a bothersome business for record collectors with more extensive collections. Even if you have the best shelving and the right lighting to see your records by, it can be a daunting task to remember where you put which LP. Our POLY-ChromRecord Jacket Sleeves enable you to organize your record collection by category, artist, genre, release date or any way you want. Mix-n-Match colors for quantity discounts.

These 3 mil Polyethylene LP Jacket Sleeves are 12-11/16 x 12-5/8" and come in six Translucent Colors
Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

Using our POLY-Chrome™ record sleeves will quickly add some ease to your worry of what record goes back where. You can even get started by simply using one color (the purple is awesome!) for female vocalists and another colored record sleeve (lime green?) for instrumentals. Here's your start to feeling like an organizational genius!