How much of our music taste is influenced by technology?


Streaming music is not how most cassette, vinyl, and CD people listen to their favorite songs. However, the article below about how we are influenced by technology as to what music we do listen to is very compelling.  It’s a good day for music lovers. Listening to music in different formats gives us a new found freedom for enjoying music where we want to when we want and how we want. But according to this article, it has merely numbed us into accepting pre-created playlists from streaming platforms. Some of the sillier ones being a playlist for “Train Station Stopover”, “Knitting Party”, and “Metal for Yoga”. Who knew?

Mood music: how technology is beginning to dictate what we listen to

"Writing music for swipes

In the same way that the seven-inch record gave birth to the single, and the LP defined the album format, ­streaming culture is now having a profound effect on today’s music-makers and facilitators. Musicians write with swipes rather than airplay in mind, and record labels pull favours for slots on lucrative playlists. But, conversely, offline ­musicians are pursuing this activity accompanying idea in ways that might have proved less palatable to listeners before the sudden sea change. Later this month, eclectic turntablist Kid Koala ­releases Music to Draw To: Io, his second album aimed at giving graphic artists and bedroom sketchers an ideally inspirational soundtrack."


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