Groovy® Vinyl Record Cleaning Products

We manufacture all our Groovy™ Record Cleaning products. The most important steps in record cleaning are keeping your records free of static and removing dust and dirt from the record surface and the record grooves. Our cleaning products control static on vinyl records by neutralizing it. Our cleaning clothes and sponges are made from microfiber. The super fine strands of microfiber material reach deeply into the grooves of the record and grab and lift out dust and debris. Using static control products will vastly increase your listening pleasure as well as cause less wear and tear on your records and stylus. 

Groovy Record Cleaning Kit - for Vinyl Records
Groovy is the brand name we use for all our record cleaning products. We first started developing our line of Record Cleaning Supplies in 2004. The Vinyl Record & 78 rpm Record Cleaning Kits were our first stock items. They consist of a record cleaning brush, record cleaning fluid, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a cotton storage bag. Over the years we have upgraded the cleaning brush and the material for the cleaning cloth on the Groovy Cleaning Kits. The one constant that has never changed though is the Groovy Cleaner formula. From the very beginning, record collectors appreciated its deep-cleaning, anti-static and residue-free properties. For non-vinyl records, we also developed a cleaning solution that contains no alcohol. Safely use this cleaner on 78 rpm records that are made from Shellac, Laminate, and Acetate. As stated above the kits come with a cotton drawstring bag to store the components. It is essential to let your cleaning brush and cloth air dry before storing. A damp, enclosed atmosphere can be ground zero for mold spores. The cotton storage bag, however, does breath and therefore is a perfect receptacle if you forget and store the brush and cloth while they are still damp. We also have Groovy Cleaner (alcohol/no alcohol) in larger sizes. Every 4 ounces of Groovy Cleaner will clean about 50 records. We stock 4, 8 and 32-ounce refill bottles. 

Record Cleaning Cloths
 Since we started selling our Groovy line, many new products have come into the market place, including Microfiber cloth. Microfiber is lint-free and non-abrasive. The super fine strands of microfiber material reach deeply into the grooves of the record and grab and lift out dust and debris. Microfiber became the choice for our record cleaning cloth in 2012. Use the cloth for wet or dry cleaning, and machine wash when soiled. We also have a lubricated cloth made from Microfiber. The cloth is sprayed with an anti-static solution that not only cleans away dust but neutralizes the surface of the record, so it doesn’t attract dust. Recently we re-created our Record Cleaning Sponge. As of December 2018, these absorbent and dripless sponges are now made from microfiber covered foam. The sponge is easily cleaned by rinsing it in warm water. ALWAYS AIR DRY damp or wet record cleaning products before storing.

Stylus Cleaner System

We created our Groovy Stylus Cleaning Kit in 2005. It comes with a dense nylon bristled brush that we designed and had fabricated to be used exclusively in our kit. It also comes with .34 oz of anti-static cleaning fluid that we developed. The key to proper stylus cleaning is the density of fibers that the brush is made from; too stiff and it damages your need, too soft, and it just moves the dust around. You will be happily listening to your records after cleaning the dust and dirt off your needle and cartridge with this cleaning kit. No more snap, crackle or pop!