Each month we present a "Featured Product" or "Featured Category"explaining the  Who, What, Where, When & Why of that product or group of products as well a 20% OFF discount...Enjoy! 

This month we present our line of AlphaCell Archival Storage Boxes.
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WHO: Should use it? Anyone who collects Trading Cards, Newspapers, or Paper Currency.
WHAT: Is the products main function? To provide an acid-free environment for indefinite storage (100's of years).
WHERE: Do people use it? The material used to make these boxes is used in museums and archives for permanent storage. It is approved by the Library of Congress.
WHEN: Should people use it? More valuable collectibles should be stored in these boxes. However, any collectible will benefit from being stored in the acid-free, lignin-free, UV-coated boxes .
WHY: Main benefits of using the product. The boxes have metal-reinforced corners for stacking  strength and box shape integrity.