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Each month we present a "Featured Product" or "Featured Category" explaining the  Who, What, Where, When & Why of that product or group of products as well as a 20% OFF discount...Enjoy! 

This month we present our line of
10" and 12" NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves.
 here to view.
WHO: Should use them?  The Vinyl Record collector  that wants the purest sound possible when playing their records.

WHAT: Are the products' main function? To neutralize static on and around your vinyl records, which allows you to easily remove dust & dirt from them with a gentle cloth, instead of grinding it into the grooves every time you play them.

WHERE: Do people use them? Personal collections are the place they are most needed.Static is a natural occurrence on vinyl records due to the nature of the material,removing the record from the inner paper sleeve creates static, playing the record creates static.

WHEN: Should people use them? Before putting a record (either used or new) into your collection, replace the inner sleeve with one of our NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves. This way from your very first spin, you are practicing best record care techniques.

WHY: Main benefit of using this product: Other than the quality of the original mix  and the original pressing, using anti-static NOSTATIC® Record Sleeves will ensure you that the sound of your records is as high a quality as your system allows.