Featured Items

Each month we present a "Featured Product" or "Featured Category" explaining the  Who, What, Where, When & Why of that product or group of products as well as a 20% OFF discount...Enjoy! 

This month we present our line of time-tested Groovy® Record Cleaning products
WHO: Should use them?  The Vinyl Record lover who is proud of his collection and wants to care for it properly.

WHAT: Are the products' main function? To help the record collector keep his collection dust and static-free so that when the record is played, the sound is crisp and clean. Keeping your records clean also helps prevents wear-and-tear on the grooves which in turn keeps the sound true.

WHERE: Do people use them? Keep your cleaners right where you play your records. This encourages you not to be lazy (LOL) and skip cleaning them as you should.

WHEN: Should people use them? Always clean your record before playing and before storing it.

WHY: Main benefit of using this product. Our motto: CLEAN RECORDS SOUND BETTER LONGER!