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This month we present our line of acid-free, crystal clear, archival

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WHO: Should use it? Collectors & Sellers of
Video Games https://kotaku.com/video-game-collecting-tips-for-beginners-1829641056.  
VHS & Betamax Tapes https://flipsy.com/article/1019/sell-vhs-beta-tapes
  8-Track & Audio Cassette Tapes, CDs & LP Records.  http://www.valueyourmusic.com
•  Action Figures https://www.collector-actionfigures.com

WHAT: Is the products main function? To provide an acid-free environment for carded or boxed collectibles. Also protects the packaging from dents, creases, corner & edge crushing. Keeps fingerprints, dirt & other environmental pollutants  from breaking down the box  material over time.
WHERE: Do people use it? The material used to make these boxes is used in museums and archives for permanent storage. It is approved by the Library of Congress.
WHEN: Should people use it? More valuable collectibles should be stored in these boxes. However, any collectible will benefit from being stored in these acid-free crystal-clear boxes.
WHY: Main benefits of using the product. Storing a collectible in these boxes helps retain the physical appearance of the packaging as well as serves as an additional barrier from pollutants.