BOXPRO® Box Protectors

BOXPRO® Box Protectors are archival PET (Polyester) soft-fold boxes created for the protection of early video games, VHS tapes and other collectible items that originally came in paperboard boxes. They are made from semi-rigid, 12 mil, crystal-clear plastic and help keep the corners and edges of your collectible boxes from being crushed. They also keep them protected from fingerprints, scuffs, scratches and even vermin attack. Use these archival defenders to safeguard not only your video game boxes but many other items that originally came in paperboard packaging such 8-track tapes, Beta Max, and Album Box Sets. We also have BOXPRO® BOX PROTECTORS to keep collectibles that come in plastic cases safe. Plastic cases such as VHS, DVD, Audio Cassette, and CD Cases are prone to scratches, scuffs and cracking.  Keeping them stored in our BOXPRO® protectors prevents that from happening.

Remember if you are collecting as an investment, the more pristine the packaging of your collectible is, the more it retains its value. Protect your investments and use BOXPRO® BOX PROTECTORS.