We carry Backing Boards in many different thickness as well as for short-term, long-term and indefinite storage.
Choose the backing board that best matches your storage needs.
Short-Term StorageBasic Board - pH neutral (contains acid) .024" thick. Double white.
Short-Term Storage  - Chipboard - pH neutral (contains acid) .030" thick. White on one side. ECONOMICAL.
• Short-term Storage - our  Corrugated cardboard is either .0625"thick (E-Flute, white on two sides) or .1875"thick (C-Flute, white on 2 sides). It is a popular choice for a backing board because it is rigid and economical.

• Long-term Storage - 
Standard Acid-free Board is acid-free all the way through. Acid-free board can trap migrating acids in paper and neutralize it. Use our .028" thick board for intermediate to long-term storage. White on both sides.


Indefinite Storage
 - Museum Grade ArchivalOur .040" thick board is all white. It is acid- and lignin-free and buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate buffer. Approved by the Library of Congress for indefinite archival storage. Buffered board blocks migrating acids.
• Indefinite Storage - InvisiBoard® Crystal Clear PETG plastic sheet. PETG is in the 'Mylar' (polyester) family of plastics which is archival and acid-free. It is .030" thick, semi-rigid, impact resistant, and fully recyclable!  Available for Comics & Magazines only. Please view for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=36jNWlwDMPw

Indefinite StorageFoam Board - Museum Grade Archival This board is an indefinite-term, archival board. It has a polystyrene foam core (making it ultra light-weight) with a laminated white, smooth facing. It is buffered with 3% calcium carbonate and is acid-free with a pH of 7.5-8.5. Buffered board blocks migrating acids. It is either .125" or .1875" thick, super rigid.
Indefinite Storage -  Archival Corrugated - Museum Grade ArchivalThis board is .125" thick, B-Flute, "Banner Blue" corrugated cardboard. It is acid- and lignin-free and buffered with a 3% calcium carbonate buffer. Buffered board blocks migrating acids. Safe for indefinite storage.