BBC said WHAT about Bowie?!

Only Known Footage of David Bowie's First Performance as Ziggy Stardust!


“At the time, the BBC famously rejected the singer, saying he was a “cockney chap but not outstanding enough” and “devoid of personality.”

If you didn’t see the image of who the above statement is about would you ever think that the BBC could say such a thing ever about David Bowie? It makes you wonder if you can trust their opinion on anything. Besides David Bowie, this article is about film restoration. In the piece, she wrote for Hyperallergic, Carey Dunne tells us how this film, which is Bowie’s introduction to the world of his Ziggy Stardust persona, was nearly lost to deterioration from neglect. Not only film buffs can be affected by “lost films” it seems. As a Bowie fan, this film clip gave me chills, and I am delighted that I was able to view it. At Bags Unlimited we have supplies to help with film care, so deterioration doesn’t happen. Our film canisters are made from inert, archival polypropylene. They come with ventilation slots and raised ribs to allow proper air flow and circulation which greatly reduces the chances of film breakdown. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did and if you have any 16-mm/35-mm films (or a friend that does)you’ll extend the life of the films by storing them on our film canisters.

Only Known Footage of David Bowie’s First TV Performance as Ziggy Stardust Is Found