Paper collectibles such as newspapers, trading cards and comics are susceptible to deterioration from acids within the paper, as well as acids and other pollutants in the atmosphere. If you have valuable or collectible paper products and want to store them in an archival container - use our AlphaCell® line of storage boxes. They will keep your comics, trading cards, collectible currency, and newspapers safe and acid-free for  many 100’s of years.

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XCS150AF -  AlphaCell Archival Trading Card Storage Box

These boxes are made from is .040” thick, 100% alpha cellulose board and buffered with calcium carbonate, which keeps the board from breaking down (indefinitely). It is acid-free (alkaline 8.0-9.0), lignin-free, contaminant-free. Suitable for conservation. It has a black top archival paper, coated with UV Gloss Varnish. The inside is archival white paper. The over-all thickness with paper and board is .052” thick. This box material meets the Library of Congress Archival Standards for indefinite storage. The 2-piece boxes have metal reinforced corners that give shape integrity to the boxes and also stacking strength. The boxes ship assembled. We plan on recreating all the stock boxes we currently make from corrugated cardboard out of the Alpha Cellulose material as well. The link below shows the boxes we have designed so far. Some are recreations of our stock boxes; others are brand new designs such as our newspaper and currency storage boxes. Click here to view more information and pricing.