78 rpm & VINYL RECORD STORAGE SUPPLIESProper record storage is essential for preserving recorded sound. 78rpm records were made of materials that are susceptible to molds and adversely affected by moisture, heat and humidity. Vinyl records are adversely affected by ultra violet light and heat. These are environmental concerns that can be addressed by keeping your records in storage areas that are a constant 65-70 degrees with a relative humidity of 45-50%. Shelving for your records should be solid and well constructed. When handling records, never touch the grooved areas.

78rpm & VINYL Record Storage Supplies

We manufacture all our record sleeves and storage materials and personally guarantee a quality product made with quality materials!

Inner 78rpm & Vinyl Record Sleeves: 78rpm & Vinyl records should be stored in inner sleeves that are paper, poly or a combination of paper and poly (poly-lined). Most audio records originally came in paper sleeves, but with the invention of polyethylene, collectors felt that having the softer, less abrasive materials directly touching the record was preferable. Generally records that are for quick re-sale are stored in paper and records that are regularly being played or being put into a personal collection are stored in plain polyethylene or poly-lined type sleeves. REMINDER: CLEAN AND DRY ALL RECORDS BEFORE STORING!

  • Outer 78rpm & Vinyl Record Sleeves: After storing your 78rpm records, vinyl 45rpm & 33-1/3 LP Records in inner sleeves you'll need to protect the outer record jackets (if they have them) from dust, dirt, fingerprints, scratches & scuffs. We carry outer poly sleeves for 78rpm records stored in paper sleeves as well as a full line of outer paper and poly sleeves for 45rpm & 33-1/3 LP records. Sleeving the outer record jacket keeps dust off the records and also protects the graphics of 45rpm picture sleeves and 33-1/3 LP record jackets. The artwork and the graphics on vinyl records are often just as valuable, if not more valuable than the records themselves. Our Polyethylene, Polypropylene and Mylar outer record sleeves are all equally archival and will not cause chemical reactions or harm the jacket graphics or the records themselves in any way. Sleeves used for storing audio records should not have any plasticizers, additives or PVC in them. All our materials have been lab and time tested for their superior storage qualities.
  • Storage Boxes for 78rpm & Vinyl Records: We are the original designers and manufacturers of record storage boxes for 78rpm Records, 45rpm Records and 33-1/3 Records. All 78rpm and Vinyl Records should be stored vertically in properly sized storage boxes to prevent warping, exposure to sunlight, exposure to ultra violet light and accidental breakage. Never stack records themselves horizontally on top of each other. Each type of record (78rpm, 45rpm and 33-1/3 LP) should be stored with like sizes to prevent warping. Our 78rpm Record & Vinyl
  • Record storage boxes come in two types of material. Audio records are quite heavy therefore the two materials we use (corrugated cardboard or corrugated plastic) were selected with the necessary strength and durability for the weight of the product being stored in them. All of our record storage boxes (78rpm, 45rpm and 33-1/3 LP) are stackable up to 3 boxes high, although your discretion is required when doing this. Length, width and depth of the record storage boxes were also chosen not only for proper fit of the records (7", 10" and 12" records) being stored in them, but for ease of carrying and proper shelf storage as well. All of our record storage boxes come with lids and most with die-cut handle holes for carrying the boxes. We are very proud of the record boxes we have developed, particularly the boxes made from plastic corrugated. The properties of this material (Polypropylene Plastic Corrugated) make it a superior record storage box in every way. The material is acid-free, anti-static, water resistant and U.V. resistant. For long-term storage of your 78rpm and vinyl records there is no better product.