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BOXPRO® SNUG FIT LP Jacket Box Protector. **NEW**
Crystal Clear APET.
12-7/16 x 12-7/16 x 3/16"(inside).
LP Box Set Protector-Crystal Clear
BOXPRO® SNUG FIT LP Jacket Box Protector
  - Clear Polyester
12-7/16 x 12-7/16 x 3/16"(inside dimensions).
Made from 12 mil crystal clear, archival, Semi-rigid, PET (Polyester). 

Top closure: Slit-lock. Bottom closure: Slit-lock. Tongue tuck.
Closure flaps are located on the same side of the box.

Boxes come with a removable protective film to prevent scratches.
Note: Measure record jacket before purchasing.

Note: Measure box set before purchasing.
Base SKU: abxp405

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CD Sleeve to fit OVER CD Jacket.
5-1/8 x 5-1/8" 2.5 mil POLYETHYLENE.
CD Sleeve for Jacket
CD Sleeve to fit OVER CD Jacket
5-1/8 x 5-1/8"   2.5 mil POLYETHYLENE

Fits directly over the CD cardboard jacket.
Made from crystal clear, 100% virgin polyethylene.

Base SKU: scd51825

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Polypropylene Sleeve for 18 x 24" Mat or Image.
18-1/4 x 24-1/4".  1.5 mil. 1-1/2" Resealable Flap.
18 x  24 Large Print POLYPROPYLENE Sleeves
Crystal Clear Sleeve for 18 x 24" Mat or Image.
18-1/4 x 24-1/4"  1.5 mil POLYPROPYLENE
Comes with a 1-1/2" Resealable Flap.
The reseal tape is on the body of the sleeve.

•  two 18 x 24" images (back to back) with a cardboard insert (sold separately) or
•  one 18 x 24" mat with a window for an 11 x 17", 12 x 18" or a 13 x 19" image (sold separately). 

Base SKU: spp1824r

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Newspaper Sleeve for Current-Day Folded Papers. 12 x 13-1/2".
2 mil Polyethylene. No flap.
Clear Poly Sleeve for Folded Newspapers


Newspaper Sleeve for Current-Day FOLDED Papers
12 x 13-1/2"  2 mil POLYETHYLENE.

NO flap.

Fits most daily newspapers (folded in half), some local free papers, and the 'New York Post'.
NOTE: Does not hold current New York Times - see SNYT2F.

Base SKU: snpcd2w

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Graded Comic Mailer - with filler pads.
8-1/4 x 13 x 3/4".
Holds 1 Graded Comic.
Graded Comic Mailer - with filler pads.
Graded Comic Mailer
Ships 1 Graded Comic
8-1/4 x 13 x 3/4"

Safely ship your graded comics with our custom designed graded comic mailers. Fold in end cubes protect case corners from arriving cracked or broken. Each mailer comes with 1 pad.

1 Regular Graded Comic with folded pad
1 Super/Anniversary Graded Comic with 1 flat pad.
Mailers and pads are made from 200-lb- test kraft corrugated cardboard.

Base SKU: mgc1

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