Poster Poly Sleeves

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Our POLY PRINT & POSTER SLEEVES are made of either 100% pure virgin, high-clarity polyethylene or super clear polypropylene.

We are the manufacturers of our polyethylene bags and therefore can control the tolerances and strive to keep them within a superior width tolerance of + or - 1/16". Polyethylene is used worldwide in museums, libraries and schools for its archival, acid-free & "breathing" properties. Our polypropylene is bioriented (BOPP) which means that it is as clear as glass and will not ripple, dimple or pucker over time as some polypropylene materials do. Both our polyethylene and polypropylene have passed the Photo Activity Test (P.A.T.) which certifies that they are safe for long-term storage.

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Two Sheet Poster Polyethylene Sleeves
Two Sheet Poster Sleeve.
41-5/8 x 56".
3 mil Polyethylene. No flap.

Base SKU:s2s3

Three Sheet Poster Polyethylene Sleeve
Three Sheet Poster Sleeve.
41-5/8 x 84".
3 mil Polyethylene. No flap.

Base SKU:s3s3