Our anti-static guns neutralize static on frames, acrylic, plexiglass, glass, and more.

Canned Air - Nonflammable. 10 oz.
Use with Ionizing Air Gun to eliminate static.
Canned Air
Canned Air. Nonflammable. 10 oz.
This nonflammable canned air is non-ozone-depleting. For use with our canned air ionizer or can be used alone. When used with the ionizer gun (product code: AASAI), static is neutralized and dust just falls off glass, acrylic, vinyl and other static-prone materials. An audiophile and framer's best friend!

Canned Air. Nonflammable. 10 oz.
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Canned-Air Ionizer. Neutralize static.
Use with NON-FLAMMABLE canned air only.
Sold separately.
Use this Ionizing Air Gun to neutralize static on vinyl records, frames, plexi, glass, and more. Snaps onto any type of nonflammable canned air. It boosts the ability of canned air to remove dust by creating a flow of ions that neutralizes static charges and allows clinging dust to fall from surfaces.

Requires one AA battery (not included). Sold with a one-year warranty.

NOTE: Must use nonflammable canned air with this product. 
Sold separately - 
Product  CodeACA.

Base SKU: aasai

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Milty Zerostat Gun.
Use on vinyl records to keep them dust-free.
Creates an ion discharge that neutralizes static.
Milty Zerostat Gun
Portable anti-static gun is lightweight. Requires no electricity or batteries. Helps keep vinyl, glass, plastic and other static-prone items dust-free through an ion discharge that neutralizes static. The ion discharge is not visible, nor can it be felt. When you pull the lever back and hear a clicking sound, the ion discharge has stopped coming out of the gun.  Just pull the lever again as the gun recharges itself.
PROOF That The Milty Pro Anti-Static Gun Works!

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