Stayflats® Rigid Mailers for Magazines

We stock a  line of Lightweight Rigid Mailers called Stayflats® Lite. They are made from 18 points, 100% recycled paperboard. They come with a peel & seal tape closure and a tear strip for the opening. Use these mailers when you have bend-sensitive documents, but need to save on shipping costs. Great for direct mail, calendars, photographs, awards, computer software and much more. If extra rigidity is desired we stock corresponding filler pads.

Stayflats Lite Mailer  11-3/8 X 8-1/2"
Stayflats Lite Mailer .018" thick white paperboard.
11-3/8 X 8-1/2" (ID). Peel & Seal.

Base SKU:msf119

Stayflats Lite Mailers 12-1/16 x 9-1/2"
Stayflats Lite Mailers .018" thick white paperboard.
12-1/16 x 9-1/2" (ID). Peel & Seal.

Base SKU:msf129

Stayflats Lite Mailers 14-5/8 x 11-1/2"
Stayflats Lite Mailers .018" thick white paperboard.
14-5/8 x 11-1/2" (ID). Peel & Seal. Tear strip opening.

Base SKU:msf1411