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CD/DVD Mailer- Holds 1 disc.
Automation rates, either Standard or First-Class Mail.
Save up to 37 cents per piece when mailing 500 CDs.
DVD/CD Mailer- Holds 1 disc
**CLOSEOUT** 50% OFF**
If you mail more than 500 CDs or DVDs at one time, we have the mailer for you!

White Paperboard CD / DVD Mailer - made from .014" recyclable SBS paperboard.
Outside: 5-7/8 x 9"
Pocket: 5 x 5-1/2"
Using our single CD / DVD mailer, you can qualify to send discs at a 2-ounce automated letter rate, and qualify for significant discounts.
Here’s what Automated Letter Rates can save you:       

• First Class Mail savings of up to 7.9 cents per piece. 
• Standard Mail savings of up to $0.37 per piece over non – automation presorted rates.  

This mailer is designed to meet all of the new US Postal Service requirements to send DVDs or CDs at automated letter rates. The mailer features a glued inside pocket that can either hold a disc by itself or a disc in a paper or Tyvek sleeve. Peel-and-seal closure. Tear-strip opening.

Base SKU: mcd1pbd

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