DVD Poly Sleeves

DVD Poly Sleeves

Use DVD Poly Sleeves to protect DVD cases from scratches, scuffs, dirt and fingerprints. We stock polyethylene and polypropylene sleeves, with and without resealable flaps.

We have designed two different semi-rigid Vinyl Gatefold Sleeves:
  • SDVDV8 holds the DVD cover art, booklet and the DVD all in one compact package!
  • SDVD2V8 holds the DVD cover art, 2 booklets and 2 DVDs all in one compact package

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DVD Case Sleeves - Polyethylene
DVD Case Sleeve.
6 x 8-1/4" 3 mil POLYETHYLENE.
Resealable Flap.

Base SKU:sdvdr

Polypropylene DVD Case
DVD Case Sleeve. Fits Plastic DVD Cases.
6 x 8-1/4" x 1.5 mil POLYPROPYLENE.
Resealable Flap.

Base SKU:sppdvdr

Polypropylene DVD Case Sleeves for Paperboard Cases
DVD Case Sleeve.
Fits Paperboard Cases.
6-1/8 x 8-1/4".
Resealable Flap.
**ON SALE 25% OFF**

Base SKU:sppdvdrlg

Vinyl DVD Gatefold Sleeves
DVD Gatefold Sleeve.
Holds 1 DVD, Cover Art & Booklet.
8 gauge semi-rigid vinyl.

Base SKU:sdvdv8

DVD Vinyl Gatefold Sleeves for 2 DVDs
DVD Vinyl Gatefold Sleeve.
Holds 2 DVDs, Cover Art & 2 Booklets.
8 guage semi-rigid vinyl.

Base SKU:sdvd2v8