Large Work Mat. 19-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 1".
Smooth lint-free material.
Rubberized bottom.
Desktop Work Mat
Large Desktop Work Mat
19-3/4 x 13-3/4 x 1"
The working surface is made from smooth, lint-free material. The bottom of the mat is rubberized to prevent slippage when working. Can be cleaned with warm water. Roll-up when not in use.

Base SKU: amat1913

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Acid-free Mending Tissue.
1/2" x 50 feet. Self-stick adhesive.
Acid-free Mending Tissue
1/2" x 50 ft.

Lineco brand. Quick, safe repair or stabilization of torn art, books, photos or documents. Strong, thin acid-free tissue coated with neutral pH self-stick adhesive. When applied, tape visibly disappears.

Base SKU: amt50

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100% COTTON Gloves. Ladies. Light weight.
Disposable, reversible.
100% Cotton Gloves
Ladies. Light-weight.

Protect your valuable prints and photos from being contaminated by finger oils by wearing cotton gloves. These gloves are disposable and reversible.

Base SKU: acgll

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