Hinging Tapes & Tape Remover

Using the correct HINGING TAPE for different types of art, paper and photos ensure that your images will stay secure and unharmed over time.

Gummed tapes should be used for originals and limited editions.
Self-Adhesive tapes are used for casual hinging and hinging window mats to backboards or attaching heavy artwork.

Scroll down to choose the one that is correct for your art.

un-du®  Adhesive Removal for Self-Adhesive items. 4 oz. container Acid-free and photo-safe! Works on contact.
un-du® Adhesive Removal.
4 oz. container.
Acid-free and photo-safe!

Base SKU:aundu4

Photo / Print Hinging Tape - GUMMED. 1" x 130'. Made from acid-free, lignin-free, buffered paper.
Photo / Print Hinging - GUMMED Paper Tape. 1" x 130'.
Acid-free-Lignin-free, buffered.
Water activated.

Base SKU:tp0751

Linen Self-Adhesive Hinging Tape 1-1/4" x 35'
Linen Self-Adhesive Hinging Tape.
1-1/4" x 35'.
Pressure Sensitive.

Base SKU:tl1015