45 rpm Record Plastic Inserts & Domes

45rpm Record Inserts & Domes
45 rpm Record Plastic Inserts & Domes

Nostalgia at its finest! Bags Unlimited purchased one of the original dies for manufacturing the yellow plastic inserts and red domes for 45 rpm vinyl records. These inserts and domes are fun and functional.  The yellow inserts are a non-slip design and a perfect fit.

We offer the inserts in 10 packs or bulk lots of 1,000.

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45rpm Record Yellow Plastic Inserts.
45 rpm Record Inserts.
10 inserts per pack.

Base SKU:ari4510

Bulk 45rpm Record Yellow Plastic Inserts
45 rpm Record Inserts - BULK. 1000/pack.
Base SKU:ari4510b

7" Record Adaptor Domes
45 rpm Record Adapter Domes.
Base SKU:a45ad