Mini-CDs are often referred to as 3-inch or 80 mm discs. These discs can hold up to 24 minutes of music.

Mini-CD/ 8cm DVD Tamper-proof Adhesive Pocket
4 x 4" (O.D.)
6 gauge crystal clear vinyl pocket

Insert the disc through the back of the pocket; peel-off the release liner and adhere to any smooth surface. Perforated tab in front.
4 x 4". 6 gauge crystal clear vinyl.
Base SKU: smcdv

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Mini-CD/ 8 cm DVD Storage Box.
Holds 50-55 mini-CD/ 8 cm DVD cases.
4 x 3-5/8 x 12".
Holds 50-55 mini-CD/ 8cm DVD cases
4 x 3-5/8 x 12" (H x W x D)
This sturdy box is made from 200-lb-test, white on one side, E-flute corrugated. Both lid and box, just fold together. No tape or glue needed.
Base SKU: xmcd50

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Divider Cards for Trading Card Boxes.
2-5/8 x 4-1/8". 20 gauge white polystyrene. Acid-free.
Polystyrene Divider Cards for Trading Card Box
Trading Card Box Divider Cards
2-5/8 x 4-1/8"

Fit in mini-CD/ 8cm DVD storage box XMCD50 with the lid on.
Also for use in trading card boxes XCS2400 & XCS1600.
Made from 20-gauge white polystyrene. Semi-rigid.

Base SKU: dcard

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