Comic Backings & MicroChamber Paper


INVISIBOARD® Crystal-Clear Comic Backings allow viewing of both the front and back of the comic without having to remove it from the comic sleeve. Made from archival PETG plastic (Mylar family). Archival, acid-free, impact resistant, fully recyclable.

MicroChamber Paper is a very thin, nearly transparent, interleaving paper that contains dispersed molecular traps that remove and neutralize acids, pollutants, and the harmful by-products of deterioration.  Insert one or two sheets in your comics and know that you are effectively practicing preventive conservation for your collection. It also eliminates odors such as smoke, mold, and mildew.  

Our COMIC BOARDS are specifically designed to fit into OUR poly bags. Placing a backing board behind your comic, then putting it inside a poly bag helps prevent the comic spine from crushing and the comic pages from crimping or wrinkling. 

We stock 3 grades of backing boards:
1. Short-Term Storage- BASIC BOARD .024" thick.
     Short-Term Storage- CHIPBOARD
-.030" thick.
2. Long-Term Storage-  STANDARD ACID-FREE .028" thick.
3. Indefinite Storage -   SUPER ACID-FREE  .040" thick.
     Indefinite Storage Archival PETG Mylar® (Polyester)  .030" thick. Crystal-clear.

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