CD Cleaners

CD Cleaners are essential for good CD sound. We offer our own time-tested products to keep your CDs in top listening form. 
Remember, when hand cleaning your CDs, start at the center of the CD and wipe perpendicular to the edge of the CD, then repeat. NEVER wipe CDs in a circular motion.
3-Pack Record Cleaning Cloths
Groovy® Vinyl Record Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.
8 x 9". DRY.
3 Pack. Lint-free, Non-abrasive.

Base SKU:asa2d

Groovy® CD Cleaning Kit
Groovy® CD / DVD Cleaners
CD Cleaning Kit. Comes with 2 oz bottle of Groovy Cleaner.
Microfiber cleaning cloth and a storage bag.

Base SKU:agkcd2

CD/DVD Cleaning Fluid
Groovy® CD / DVD Cleaning Fluid.
4 oz. Spray Pump Bottle.

Base SKU:agcd4