45 rpm Record Mailer FILLER PADS

Use CORRUGATED FILLER PADS in our 45 rpm RECORD MAILERS to provide corner protection, cushioning and prevent accidental punctures. They are made from 200-lb-test kraft corrugated cardboard. For extra protection, alternate the direction of the flutes in the pads when placing them in mailers.

Filler Pads for 45rpm Record Mailers
Filler Pads for 45 rpm Record Mailers. 7-3/8 x 7-3/8"
1/8" thick Kraft Corrugated Cardboard.

Base SKU:f45

Corrugated Cradle for 7" Record Mailer
7" Record Mailer Cradle. Guarantees crush-free delivery
when used with record mailer M4520.

Base SKU:m4520c