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Use our POSTER STORAGE BOXES to keep your posters safe from sunlight, fingerprints, crimping, wrinkles, dents and punctures.

5 styles to choose from:
Rolled Poster Storage Boxes for storing rolled posters individually or in groups.
Folded Poster Storage - Holds folded One Sheet posters.
Clamshell - Archival - Available in Blue-Gray or Black. Storage for smaller quantities of artwork, prints or photos.
Drop-Front Archival Storage Boxes for prints from 8 x 10 through 20 x 24. Available in your choice of Black, Blue-Gray or Tan. Also available in Blue Archival Corrugated.
Flat Storage Boxes - Hold up to 25 One Sheet (or smaller) posters with backings.

     Flat Poster Storage

     Rolled Poster

     Folded Poster

     Drop-Front - Archival

     Clamshell - Archival

     11 x17/ Mini Poster