Audio Cassette Mailers

Our AUDIO CASSETTE MAILERS make it possible to ship cassettes anywhere with confidence.

Our single white corrugated mailer folds together and has a "locking" tab closure.
Our 4 cassette mailer can ship 2, 3, or 4 cassettes.
Easiest of all are our self-seal bubble mailers that hold 1 cassette.

Audio Cassette Mailer - White Corrugated
Audio Cassette Mailer - White Corrugated Cardboard.
Mails 1 Cassette Case.

Base SKU:mcas1

Audio Cassette Mailer - Kraft Corrugated
Audio Cassette Mailer - Corrugated Cardboard.
Mails 2-4 Cassette Cases.

Base SKU:mcas4

Bubble Mailer for Audio Cassettes Cases
POLY Bubble Mailer #000. Mails 1 Audio Cassette Case.
Snug fit.
Poly outside; Poly Bubble-Lining inside.
100% Recyclable.

Base SKU:mblp48