Introducing the PLASTIC CORRUGATED GRADED COMIC STORAGE BOX ... just when you thought graded comic packaging couldn't get any better!

Store 20 regular graded comics or 15 super/anniversary comics in this SUPER STRONG box. The material is acid-free, waterproof, UV resistant - everything you want and need, to protect your investment!

Graded Comic Storage Box.
13 x 9 x 11-9/16".
Holds 20 Regular Graded Comics.
ULTRA BOXX® Plastic Corrugated
Graded Comic Box
13 x 9 x 11-9/16"
(H x W x D).
Holds 20 Regular or 15 Super/Anniversary Graded Comics.

Plastic material is water-resistant, anti-static, UV-resistant. Folds together. Stackable.

Also holds 10-12  78 rpm Record Binders Product Code: AB78.
Base SKU: xgc20

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Holds Lobby Cards, Life Magazines.
14-1/2 x 11-9/16 x 9".
Storage Box for Graded Magazines, Large Sheet Music, Lobby Cards, 11 x 14" Mats - PLASTIC Corrugated.
ULTRA BOXX® Plastic Corrugated Storage Box
Graded Magazine/Large Sheet Music/Lobby Card/A4,
Large Life Magazines and 11 x 14" Mats. 
14-1/2 x 11-9/16 x 9"
 (H x W x D)

The box is made from water-resistant, corrugated polypropylene material. The material is also acid-free, anti-static, UV-resistant and is considered archival and safe for long-term storage. Boxes ship flat and fold together. SUPER strong. Stackable.

Box capacity:
Graded Magazines/ Lg Comic: holds up to 20
Lobby Cards: 140 with backings
11 x 14" Mat boards: 70 with backings
A4 and Large Life Magazines: 70 with backings
Large Sheet Music: 140 with backings
Daily News & Current Trade Papers: 30 with backings

Base SKU: x1114cp

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