Poster Mailer FILLER Pads

Use FILLER PADS in our mailers if extra stiffness is desired when shipping. Fillers also help prevent accidental punctures and cut throughs.

We stock two types of fillers:
Chipboard: .030" thick. White one side.
Corrugated Cardboard: .125" thick. Brown kraft, 200-pound-test.

Click on the links below to go to the fillers for the various types of mailers we carry:
Fillers for Stayflats® Utility Mailers
Fillers for Stayflats® Lite Rigid Mailers
Fillers for regular Rigid Mailers
Rigid Mailer Filler Pad
FILLER PAD for Rigid Mailers.
16-1/4 x 20-3/4".
200-lb-test corrugated cardboard.

Base SKU:f1620

Rigid Mailer Corrugated FILLER PAD
FILLER PAD for Rigid Mailers.
17-1/8 x 23-1/2".
200-lb-test corrugated cardboard.

Base SKU:f1824

Rigid Mailer FILLER PAD
FILLER PAD for Rigid Mailers.
18-3/4 x 26".
200-lb-test corrugated cardboard..

Base SKU:f1926