45 rpm Record Box Divider Cards

45rpm Record Divider Cards
Use 45 rpm Record Box DIVIDERS CARDS to alphabetize or categorize your 7" records. All our dividers fit in our boxes with the lid on.
• The Corrugated Dividers are 1/16" thick and take up a bit room in your boxes, but are the least expensive and also are very sturdy.
• The Plastic Dividers are made from semi-rigid 30-gauge polystyrene. Plastic dividers will take up less room in your storage boxes.
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Divider Card for 7" Records
7" Record Divider Cards.
Corrugated cardboard.
WHITE. 7-1/4 x 7-7/8".
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7" Record Divider Cards
7" Record Divider Cards.
30 gauge Polystyrene (plastic).
WHITE. 7-1/4 x 7-7/8".

Base SKU:d45p