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Keychain / Tablet Stylus.
Comes with Built-in Pen.
Stylus / Keychain.
Comes with built-in pen.

Base SKU: fgstylus

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Pop-Up Foldable Nylon Fan. Plastic handle.
Free Gift Pop-Up Fan
Pop-up Foldable Fan
Yellow Emoji
Made from yellow nylon with a black stitched border.
Easily folds back into the plastic handle to use again and again.
Keep it handy in your backpack, suitcase, purse or beach bag.

Base SKU: fgfan

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Tire Gauge with Clip. 5-3/4" long.
Measures up to 50 PSI.
Tire Gauge with Clip
Measures up to 50 PSI.  5-3/4" long.

Base SKU: fgtireg

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