Magazine Polyester (Mylar) Sleeves

Our 2 mil Magazine Sleeves are made of Archival Polyester (Mylar) an inert material of the highest clarity. We use DuPont inert Melinex® or a suitable equivalent. Polyester (Mylar) will not discolor, damage, or adhere to items placed inside it. It is a sturdy film that beautifully displays, timelessly protects, and gives extra support to fragile documents. Our polyester material has passed the Photo Activity Test (PAT) that confirms that this material is safe for long-term storage.

We have two styles of 4 mil Magazine Sleeves that we manufacture. They are both made of the same Archival Polyester material as the 2 mil sleeves. However 4 mil material is much sturdier than the 2 mil and offers greater protection from possible creases, bent corners and crushed edges. 
The 4 mil sleeves have two different flap types of flaps:
 The Open Flap style (ROF) has to be creased to form the flap and then folded over.
 The Beaded Flap style (BOF) has a third piece of polyester that is bead welded to the extended back of the sleeve, creating the flap.

POLYESTER Magazine Sleeve 2mil with 1" flap
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
9 x 11-1/2".
2 mil
. with 1" flap.
Use for Standard Magazines.

Base SKU:s900m2

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve 2mil with 1" flap
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
9-1/2 x 12-1/2"
2 mil
. 1" flap.
Use for Large Magazine/
Small Sheet Music.

Base SKU:s950m2

Our Magazine/ Large Comic 4 mil Mylar Sleeves offer the ultimate archival protection. 8-7/8 x 11-5/16". They come with a 1-1/4" Flap.
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
8-7/8 x 11-5/16". 4mil.
1-1/4" OPEN FLAP.
Use for Large Comics & Magazines.

Base SKU:s875rof

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve 4mil with 1-1/4" Open Flap
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
9-1/8 x 11-5/8". 4mil.
1-1/4" OPEN FLAP.
Use for Large Magazines.

Base SKU:smaglrof

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve for Playboy Magazines
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
10-1/4 x13-3/8". 4mil.
Use for Playboy Magazines.

Base SKU:s1013rof

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve for Regular Life Magazines
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
10-1/2 x 12-1/2". 4mil.
Use for Regular Life Magazines.

Base SKU:slmrrof

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve for Large Life Magazines
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
11-1/4 x 14-3/4". 4mil.
Use for LARGE Life Magazines.

Base SKU:slmlrof

POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve for Early Magazines
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
11-1/2 x 16-1/2". 4mil.
Use for Mini Poster/Early Magazines.

Base SKU:semrof

These Standard Magazine 4 mil Mylar Sleeves come with a 1-1/2" bead-weld flap that requires no folding. They are crystal-clear and offer archival protection for larger comics & standard magazines.
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
8-7/8 x 11-7/16". 4mil.
Lg Comic and Standard Magazine.

Base SKU:s875rbf