MicroChamber Paper for Original Comic Art

MicroChamber Paper is a very thin, nearly transparent interleaving paper that contains dispersed molecular traps that remove and neutralize acids, pollutants and the harmful by-products of deterioration.  Insert one behind your original comic art and know that you are effectively practicing preventative conservation for your collection. It also eliminates odors such as smoke, mold, and mildew.

NOTE: It is not necessary for the MicroChamber to be the exact size of your print or poster. Migrating acids travel and will be eliminated or absorbed by the paper. 

Place acid-free MicroChamber Paper behind your 11 x 17 Original art, prints & Posters to remove orders and neutralizes acids and the harmful by-products of deterioration.
Archival MicroChamber Paper
11 x 17" x .0025" thick.
Removes acids and odors in paper.
Acid-free. Indefinite Storage.

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