LP RECORD Sleeves - Fit over record

The sleeves in this category fit directly over the 12" vinyl record. They are available in several different materials and configurations from low-density poly, high-density poly to paper with poly lining.

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12'' Inner Record SLEEVES. Sound sleeves.
12" Inner Record SLEEVES.
12 x 12" x 3 mil Polyethylene.

Base SKU:slpi

Polylined Sleeves for 12" Records
12" Inner Record Sleeve.
White Paper with a poly lining.

Base SKU:s12p

12'' Inner Record Sleeve
12-1/16 x 12-1/16". Four layers of protection.

Base SKU:s12w-rp

Round Bottom 12'' Inner Record Sleeve
12" Inner Record Sleeve.
NOSTATIC® High-Density Polyethylene.
12-3/16 x 12-3/16 x 2 mil". ROUND BOTTOM.

Base SKU:slphd2

12" Inner Record Round Bottom Sleeve
12" Inner Record Sleeve. 2 mil Low-Density Polyethylene.
12-3/16 x 12-1/8". Round Bottom.

Base SKU:slp2rb

HDPE 12'' Record Sleeves
12" Inner Record Sleeve.
NOSTATIC® High-Density Polyethylene Sleeve.
12-1/16 x 12-1/16" x 3 mil.

Base SKU:slp12hd