If your favorite collector has tons of COMICS or a few very special ones - check out these gift ideas for them! To see a full list of our Comic Supplies click here.

Comic Storage Box -Plastic Corrugated
Compact Comic Storage Box.
11 x 7-13/16 x 11".
Holds up to 100 comics.

Base SKU:xcc100cp

Crystal Clear Box Protector for Comics

BOXPRO® Comic Book Box Protector.
Crystal Clear Polyester.
7 x 3/16 x 10-1/4" (inside).

Base SKU:abxp600

Comic Storage Box - Holds 12 Comics.
REGULAR COMIC Comic Bundle Box.
Holds 12 Reg. Comics.
Comes w/(12) S714RBF sleeves
& (12) KAF40R backings.

Base SKU:xcombunacr

Archival Comic Storage Box
Archival Comic Storage Box.
11 x 7-3/4 x 8".
Holds up to 80 comics.

Blue-gray Corrugated Cardboard.

Base SKU:xsmcom80

Bags Unlimited Gift Certificate
Bags Unlimited Gift Certificate
Base SKU:giftcert

ECONOMY New Comic  Book Frame Kit
ECONOMY New Comic Frame Kit.
Black aluminum back-loading frame.
Outside: 7-1/8 x 10-13/16"; Inside: 6-3/4 x 10-7/16".

Base SKU:ancfe

ECONOMY Standard Comic Frame Kit
ECONOMY Regular / Standard Comic Frame Kit.
Black aluminum back-loading frame.
Outside:7-3/8 x 10-13/16"; Inside: 7 x 10-7/16".

Base SKU:acfe