12" Vinyl Record Album SafeSpace® Bags

Setting up your SafeSpace Bag Kit

Bags Unlimited has created a new way to store your 12"Vinyl Records. Introducing our SafeSpace® Bags - a revolutionary system that creates a safe microclimate for your LP Records. Storing your records in this system will help resist Humidity, Hydrolysis, Oxidation, Off-Gassing, Mold, Mildew, other Biologicals and UV Light.

This system even resists standing water!

Your SafeSpace® Bag kit comes with all components you need to safeguard your LP Records. Sold separately are the 'U'Pads. They should be purchased to keep the box from crushing. First insert the U-Pad wrapped box into the SafeSpace® Bag, add the appropriate number of desiccants, relative humidity cards, and oxygen scavengers. Suction the air from the bag and your microclimate is complete.

Record Album SafeSpace® Kit
SafeSpace® Bag Kit for
Record Storage Boxes.
Kit comes with 2 SafeSpace® co-polymer bags &
supplies to monitor humidity, moisture & oxygen.

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U PAD for <b>LP Record Box</b>  stored in SafeSpace® Bags. <br>Made from White (2 sides) 200 lb. test Corrugated Cardboard.
U PAD for LP Record Box stored in SafeSpace® Bags.
Made from White (2 sides) 200 lb. test Corrugated Cardboard.

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