Use these products to clean film negatives and slides.
2-1/2 inch Anti-static Brush.
Dissipates static & whisks away dust and lint.
2.5" ANTI-STATIC BRUSH comes in a plastic box. The brush is constructed with anti-static fibers to dissipate static electric charges. Neutralizing these static charges releases clinging specks for easy removal. Brush can be washed in a mild soap and reused without affecting the anti-static qualities of the brush.
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Anti-static Photo Cleaning Cloth 10 x 18".
Dry cleaning of photos.
Anti-static conductive fibers dissipate static charge on film.
Photo Cleaning Cloth
Antistatic Microfiber Tiger Cloth 

10 x 18" 

Use this for dry cleaning of photographic films. So gentle you'll feel comfortable using it on photos, sensitive negatives, and transparencies. Conductive fibers are knit into the orange fabric every 1/8" and dissipate or drain off static charges. Cloth comes in a ziplock bag.

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PEC-12® Photo Emulsion & Negative Cleaner.
2 oz. Bottle. Contains no water.
PEC-12® Film & Negative Cleaner
PEC-12® Photo Emulsion & Slide Cleaner
2 oz. Bottle

This cleaner removes handling oils, adhesives, pen and marker inks from slides, negatives, and prints. Simply apply the cleaner to a soft, lint-free cloth or use with PRO-PAD lint-free cloths ACP66 (sold separately). This cleaner contains no water, so there's no emulsion swelling. 
Dropper tip for controlled application.

  • For use with black-and-white and color slides, negatives and prints
  • Dries immediately without a trace
  • Removes handling oils, adhesives, ball-point pen and marker inks

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Slide & Photo Lint-Free Wipes
4 x 4". Non-abrasive.
Photo & Slide Lint-Free Wipes
Slide & Photo Lint-Free Wipe
4 x 4"     
100 per pack

Use these lint-free, non-abrasive pads with PEC-12® cleaner. Ultra soft and lint-free. Safe for use on negatives, slides, prints, etc.

Base SKU: acp44

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