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Co-Extruded Poly Perforated Mailing Bags - 6 x 9"
Co-Extruded Poly Mailing Bags. WHITE. 6 x 9".
Peel-&-Seal permanent tape on flap. PERFORATED.
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Base SKU:mbpl69perf

3 x 3 x 30" Square White Mailing Tube
3 x 3 x 30" Square Mailing Tube with built-in end caps.
Made from white-one-side 200-pound-test corrugated cardboard.
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Base SKU:mtsq330

Bubble Mailer -Ships 1 CD Jewel Case. 100% recycled Kraft exterior. Recycled bubble lining.  SELF SEAL FLAP!
CD Jewel Case Bubble Mailer.
Inside: 6-1/4" (w) x 6-1/2".
100% recycled Kraft exterior with recycled bubble lining.
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Base SKU:mjcd

Multi-Depth Mailer 9-1/8 x 12-1/8"
Multi-Depth Mailer. 7-1/2 x 5-1/2" (inside).
V-Depth 1/2, 1,1-1/2, 2".
Made from 200-lb-test corrugated cardboard.
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Base SKU:mmd752