Store your pennants in our Polyethylene Sleeves, Archival Polyester Sleeves or Ultra-Pro Stor-safe® Toploaders.

Pennant Sleeves. 13 x 32".
Made from 3 mil acid-free Polyethylene.
Pennant Sleeves
13 x 32"   3 mil polyethylene

These 3 mil polyethylene, acid-free sleeves are an inexpensive way to protect your pennants from dust, dirt and other airborne pollutants.


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Ultra-Pro® Pennant Toploader 12-3/8 x 30-3/8" (Inside dimensions).
Made from 18 gauge crystal-clear rigid vinyl.
Toploader for Pennants
Ultra-Pro® Pennant Toploader
12-3/8 x 30-3/8"
(Inside dimensions.)
Made from 18 gauge crystal-clear rigid vinyl. 
Opening on 12-1/4" dimension.

**OUT OF STOCK** No ETA at this time.

Base SKU: appen

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Toploader Closure Clips. 12-1/2" x 1/4" wide; 9/16" tall.
Slides onto Pennant Holder APPEN open end.
Closure Clip for Pennant Toploader
12-1/2" long. 1/4" wide; 9/16" tall

Use this clear plastic clip to create a dust-free environment for pennants stored in Ultra-Pro Pennant Toploader APPEN. Just slide onto the open end of the Toploader and keep airborne pollutants from coming in contact with the stored item.

12-1/2" long
Base SKU: aclippen

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