Art Show Boxes (for prints)


Use these Plastic Corrugated Boxes to transport and display your 8 x 10" and 11 x 14" matted images at art shows, craft shows, photography shows. Boxes are made from water-resistant, corrugated polypropylene material. The material is also acid-free, antistatic, UV-resistant. This material is considered to be archival and safe for long-term storage. Boxes ship flat and fold together. Boxes come with die-cut handles that can be left closed for display and storage, open for transport. SUPER strong. Stackable. 
We also have divider cards that fit in these boxes with the lids on. Use divider cards for categorizing or alphabetizing your displayed work.

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Divider Card
Divider Card
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Divider Card for Newspapers
Divider Card for 11 x 14" Storage Boxes. 11 x 14-1/2".
Corrugated Cardboard.
White on both sides.

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