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White Rigid Mailer for CDs in a sleeve. Peel & seal tape closure; tear strip opening.
Stayflats PLUS® Rigid Mailer.
Mails 1 CD in a sleeve.
5-1/8 x 5-1/8" (outside).Peel & Seal tape closure; tear-strip opening.
4-15/16 x 5". **SALE 20% OFF**

Base SKU:mrtt55wps

Ultra Slimline CD Case with White Base
Single CD Case. Ultra Slimline.
5.2mm (3/16") Thick.
Holds CD & booklet only. White base.
**SALE 20% OFF**

Base SKU:ccduslw

CD Jacket Frame Kit
CD & CD Jacket Frame Kit. Black Aluminum Frame.
Choose from 18 Mat Colors.
**SALE 20% OFF**

Base SKU:acdjfkk

Clear 4 mil Polyethylene Sleeves to fit over Double or Quad CD Jewel Cases. No flap.
Double or Quad CD Case Sleeves.
6 x 6-3/4" 2.5 mil POLYETHYLENE.
NO flap.
**SALE 25% OFF**

Base SKU:scddq

WHITE Cardboard CD Jacket. 4-15/16 x 5". Made from 15 point rigid paperboard. No hole.
WHITE Cardboard CD Jacket.
4-15/16 x 5".
NO Center Hole.
**SALE 25% OFF**

Base SKU:scdjw