Polyester (Mylar)Sleeves for Sheet Music

Our Polyester (mylar) material is DuPont inert Melinex or suitable equivalent. It has passed the Photo Activity Test (PAT) and is approved by the Library of Congress for indefinite storage. Polyester is a smooth, crystal clear, acid-free, archival material that has a glass-like surface and has no wrinkles or dimples in it of any kind. Our Archival Armor™ mil Polyester Sleeves provide an inert, safe environment for papers of all kinds.
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve 2mil with 1" flap
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
9-1/2 x 12-1/2"
2 mil
. 1" flap.
Use for Large Magazine/
Small Sheet Music.

Base SKU:s950m2

11 x 14" POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve
POLYESTER (Mylar) Sleeve.
11-3/8 x 14-1/4" 4 mil.
Photos, Lobby Cards,Large Sheet Music. NO flap.

Base SKU:s1114r