Audio Cassette Replacement Cases

Your precious audio tapes deserve the best protection and preservation, and our Audio Cassette Cases are just what you need! With our top-quality cases made from archival PET, crystal-clear styrene, and soft translucent polypropylene, you can keep your tapes safe from dust, dirt, and other airborne pollutants. Don't settle for inferior storage options - trust our premium cases to keep your tapes in top condition for years to come!
Crystal-clear audio cassette case protectors. Made from archival, semi-rigid Polyester. Come with a removable protective film.
BOXPRO® Audio Cassette Case Protector. Crystal Clear Archival APET. Semi-rigid.
Base SKU:abxp205

Clear styrene Audio Cassette Case holds one audio cassette. Comes with rounded corners, 1" straight flange, trident posts.
Audio Cassette Case.
Holds one tape.
Clear Styrene (plastic).
Norelco-style. Trident posts.

Base SKU:ccas

Audio Cassette Case holds 1 audio cassette. Clear and Black Styrene. Rounded corners, 1" slant flange, trident posts.
Audio Cassette Case.
Holds one tape.
Clear & Black Styrene (plastic).
Norelco style. Trident posts.

Base SKU:ccasck

Audio Cassette Case. Holds 1 audio cassette. Soft translucent POLY. Hand-loadable. 1-piece. Hinged.
Audio Cassette Case.
Holds one tape.
1-piece. Hinged. Soft translucent poly.

Base SKU:ccasph